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             At ADFA Blanket Company, we are proud to have the latest and most modern, state of the art manufacturing facilities. It is the largest, fully integrated Blanket manufacturing company in the region and plans to further double the existing capacities are under implementation.

The heart of the blanket manufacturing operations – Raschel Knitting and Printing are both done on most modern and precision German machines – well-known all over the world. High quality raw materials like 100% Acrylic yarn, Polyester Texturised yarn and Dyes ensure consistent quality levels.

Acrylic Fibre, which forms more than 85% of the blanket, is sourced from world renowned ‘Bayer’ whose “Dralon” brand Acrylic fibre is considered to be the best! This fibre is then spun on most modern Spinning Plant to make Single Soft Acrylic yarn. The yarn is then taken to the Raschel Knitting machine where double blanket cloth is made. This double knit cloth is then cut into single blanket cloth on the slitting machine. After this, the cloth is taken to the Brushing machine where fine fluffs are removed and the cloth made ready for printing. At the most modern Printing machine, the blanket cloth is printed with color dyes, excess colors washed off and then the cloth is dried and the colors set well on the blanket.

The blanket cloth is then taken to the Finishing dept. where a series of brushing and pile pulling is done to bring out design and color on the back -side of the blanket cloth and at the same time to make the blanket very, very soft. After this, the blanket is cut into required sizes and forwarded to the Stitching dept. Here, the edges of the blanket are stitched with tapes to give it a well-rounded appearance and to protect the edges. After this, the blanket is cleaned thoroughly and packed into zipper bags or boxes.

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